The origins of Vintage Bandstands go back to the great pleasure gardens of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries before our Victorian forefathers. They were like the night clubs of their day and drew enormous crowds from all over the country, who loved the music pavilions, which hosted promenade concerts.

Today, the Victorian Bandstand lives on, providing vintage style to any wedding, party or event.

Our elegant Victorian Bandstand is totally unique and available to rent. It’s ornate design incorporates an elevated stage, giving height, excellent visibility, and protection from the weather.

We will deliver the Bandstand to your venue or home, anywhere in the UK, on the date of your choice.

The Victorian Bandstand and stage measures 2.5 metres in diameter, and is ideal for musicians, singers, speeches or wedding ceremonies.

Please call today to discuss hiring our Victorian Bandstand for your next event.
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